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6.05 The Rebel Flesh – Cardiff Bay

3.06 The Lazarus Experiment – Cardiff Bay

1.11 Boom Town – Cardiff Bay

6.01 The Impossible Astronaut – Cardiff – Eddie’s Diner

A wonderful diner, and is a must-see (and taste) location on any trip to Cardiff. The Route 66 burger is delicious, and I recommend the root beer float. But don’t forget your special straw. Adds more fizz!

3.13 Last of the Time Lords – Cardiff Bay

No idea why, but I love this location. It’s probably because my son used to watch this episode over and over again, so I already felt as if I knew the place before I went to see it!

3.12 The Sound of Drums – Cardiff Bay

The steps upon which the Master declares that what the country really needs….is a Doctor.

3.11 Utopia – Cardiff Bay

A couple of exterior shots.

2.14 The Runaway Bride – Cardiff Bay

The more observant of you will notice that I’ve reversed one of my photographs to make it look more like the screenshot. The photo of the bar (as well as being one of my favourite shots) is from The Waterguard pub. A modernesque internal design complimented by a generous range of local brews. Worth a visit.

Also, the exterior of the pub was used in the Torchwood episode “Adam” when Jack returns home to find his father dead.

2.01 New Earth – Cardiff Bay

The Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay. In the episode, the Doctor suggests there should be a shop and points off camera. He is actually pointing to the Centre’s real gift shop.

This location also featured in The Girl Who Waited

1.14 The Christmas Invasion – Cardiff Bay

Found this by pure coincidence whilst looking around the area so grabbed a quick snap