3 thoughts on “1.08 – Father’s Day – Cardiff – Loudoun Square

      • That’s too cool!;) LOL! Nice to hear back from u too!:) I used to live in London, way back in the 80s when this episode was supposed to take place. I’m always amazed how they get everything right! Like the rave posters and Jimmy Sommerville (sp? ) song. I really miss those days and though I never made it to Cardiff, I’d love to go! I work at the Hard Rock Cafe here in NYC and could always transfer to Wales! LOL! ;D I shared ur blog on Facebook too as my friends here are huge DW fans too!:) Well, time to nod off here on this side of the pond 😉 I’ll check out more of ur pics and location details. Asp! Good Job I must say! The Doctor is proud I’m sure!;D All the best and take care! Tina 🙂

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