Series 06

6.01 The Impossible Astronaut
Cardiff – Glamorgan Building
Cardiff Bay
Cardiff – Le Monde

6.07 A Good Man Goes to War
Cardiff – Laguna Bar

6.09 Night Terrors
Bristol – Waring House

6.10 The Girl Who Waited
Dyffrn Gardens

6.11 The God Complex
Manor Parc Hotel
Porthcawl – Seabank Hotel
Cardiff – Bute Esplanade

6.12 Closing Time
Penarth – Church Road

6.13 The Wedding of River Song
Cardiff – City Hall
Dyffrn Gardens

6.14 The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe
Beechenhurst Lodge
Stradey Castle
Cardiff – Bute Esplanade
Cardiff – Y Groes

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