3.10 – Blink – Newport – Diverse Music

One of my favourite locations – the infamous shop featured in possibly the best episode of Doctor Who, Blink. The shop itself specialises in vinyl records rather than DVDs as shown in the episode. The owner of the shop was a delight to talk to. He gave me access to all areas where the episode was filmed and regaled me with stories of what happened during filming. They proudly have a signed photo of the cast displayed.

3.10 – Blink – Newport – The Secret Garden

The cafe where Sally Sparrow reads the letter from her friend. It has changed hands twice since the episode was filmed but once again, the people in Newport were more than happy to let me take my pictures. And I can highly recommend the latte.

As this is just opposite the DVD shop from the episode, all the cast and crew used this coffee shop during the filming.

2.03 – School Reunion – Newport – Da Vinci’s

When I reached the cafe, it was closed. So I rang them up and was told that they only open at weekends as it ceased being a cafe and has become a bar/nightclub. However when I told them of my mission, they very graciously invited me in to take my photos, so many thanks to the owners.

Also, I must thank Seren Group who are in the tall building opposite who allowed me into their kitchen on the top floor to get the photos looking down.