Month: <span>July 2012</span>

6.01 The Impossible Astronaut – Cardiff – Eddie’s Diner

A wonderful diner, and is a must-see (and taste) location on any trip to Cardiff. The Route 66 burger is delicious, and I recommend the root beer float. But don’t forget your special straw. Adds more fizz!

6.13 The Wedding of River Song – Cardiff – City Hall

6.07 A Good Man Goes to War – Cardiff – Laguna Bar

Another location which only has very limited opening times. Many thanks to the staff who opened it especially for me.

6.01 The Impossible Astronaut – Cardiff – Glamorgan Building

As mentioned before, this is the same location as Margaret’s office in Boom Town

5.13 The Big Bang – Cardiff – Natural History Museum

5.11 The Lodger – Cardiff – Westville Road

I couldn’t get all the pictures I wanted as the curtains in Craig’s house were open and somebody was doing some ironing in there. Whilst I had the right to take my pictures from the street, it wouldn’t have been very nice to do.

5.10 Vincent and the Doctor – Cardiff – Natural History Museum

Lovely picture of a wall

5.10 Vincent and the Doctor – Cardiff – Llandaff Cathedral

5.01 The Eleventh Hour – Cardiff – Llandaff Cathedral

4.17 The End of Time – Cardiff – Tiger Tiger

Another location where the staff were tremendously helpful. The area they used for filming is part of the nightclub which is only open at certain times during the week. But they gladly let me go in to get my pictures.